Beach Chairs & Loungers


Non woven stadium cushion Enjow - Black
Nonwoven stadium cushion with a pocket.


Capri beach chair - Blue
Beach chair with neck pillow in 600D polyester clothing. Steel frame. Max: weight 70 kg.


Folding seat mat Moments - Black
Bright coloured folding seat mat. 210D nylon with PE foam.


Outdoor chair Easygo - Black
Outdoor chair in 600D polyester clothing and iron frame. Nylon pouch included to store the chair. Max. weight 100 kg.

Sit & Drink

Foldable 600D chair/cooler Sit & Drink - Black
600D Polyester foldable chair with storage/cooler bag and straps. Maximum weight 85 kg.

Pesca Seat

Foldable seat in pouch Pesca Seat - Black
Outdoor foldable seat in 600D polyester. With 210D polyester storage pouch included. Max weight 70 kg.
Prices are per unit, excluding printing, shipping & VAT.