Kitchen, Home & Gastro


Piggy bank Softco - White
Piggy bank in PVC with ABS stopper on the bottom.

Delux Lunch

Lunch box with air tight lid Delux Lunch - White
Lunch box with air tight lid made of PP out side and stainless steel inside.


Lunch box with cutlery set Dilunch - White
Lunch box with 2 compartments made of PP and cutlery set in the lid made of PS.

Coaster Light

Light up coaster with opener Coaster Light - White
Coaster with LED Light up feature base in ABS with bottle opener.

Lia Ball

Flat Christmas bauble Lia Ball - Silver
Rounded oblate shaped Christmas bauble in PP with metallic spray finish with ribbon hanger.


Bottle-opener and sealer Blabby - White
Bottle opener and sealer. PS material.


Toothbrush with cap Dentils - White
Toothbrush with tube squeezer detail and translucent white cap.

Gold Fizz

Cocktail shaker w/ UV plating Gold Fizz - Matt Silver
Stainless steel cocktail shaker . UV electro plated finishing. Capacity: 300 ml.


Mint dispenser Mintcard - Transparent Grey
Credit card mint dispenser. 6 grams mint included.


Chocolates in glass holder Chocky - White
Chocolates in glass holder, 30 grams.
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